Types of Surveys

Boundary survey AES Consultants provides a wide variety of land surveying services. For most homeowners the most common need for a surveyor is to establish their property boundaries. We are commonly asked to mark the property corners and/or mark the entire property lines for both large and small properties. From the residential lot to hundreds of acres there are a wide variety to tools and techniques to accurately mark a boundary line. In order to better serve you, we request you give us a call to discuss your needs and the options available. Once we discuss your needs we will take a look at your property to provide you a cost for our services. We provide all estimates free of charge.
Topography survey A topographic survey is process to create a map showing the elevation contouring of the project area along with other identifiable features. The variety of information which can be shown on a topographic map is endless. For a typical residential or commercial project the mapping will typically show elevation contours, buildings, roads or parking, utilities, trees, etc. The variety of information and the level of details needed is typically customized to meet each projects specific goals. The topography survey is the critical first step for any type of engineering design. It’s accuracy and reliability is critical to the successful completion of each project.
FEMA Elevation Surveys Here in the Northwest many people do not consider flooding as a potential threat to homeownership. In fact there is always some risk to flooding any home or building. This is why FEMA has studied and developed special flood hazard areas to identify those areas more prone to flooding. All federally backed mortgages where a home is within a special flood hazard area are required to purchase flood insurance. Sometimes this insurance can be very expensive. The only way to clearly determine the potential risk and cost to purchase flood insurance is to survey the building. Without the survey we find most homeowners are over paying their insurance premiums because the insurance industry and lenders will assume the buildings are in a higher risk category. Most homeowners can save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums with a survey. Our surveyors are experts in helping homeowners navigate FEMA’s rules and regulations and can assist you in determining your buildings flood hazard risk an options to reduce those risks. If you are faced with staggering insurance premiums, give us a call and find out if we can be of assistance.